Unique authorial dresses! Dresses of famous brands! The choice of celebrities! To be bride, Jovani, Karen Millen, Tarik Ediz, Sherri Hill, Terani, Blumarine and other. Photo sessions on horses!

Every person lives by memories. What is the best way to go back in past, when you were happy and carefree? Time of vacations to sea, party, events with friends?  Definitely photo is ideal method to capture unique moments of happiness, strung them on the fate of the bright shining pearls of memories. Who of us, dear Ladies doesn’t dream to capture beauty of nature, the endless blue of the sea and yourself against it in amazing royal luxury at the envy of friends, under the amazed view of fans. Put the best of masterpiece of photos in a frame in the living room, put in Facebook, Instagram, or show on the phone to friends in cafe? Definitely, every of us – Queen, that must have at least a brief moment of execution of desires, as well as many days of opportunity to enjoy those moments when you were at the top of pleasure. Be yourself. A Luxurious, Amazing, Brilliant, Incredible. So give yourself this moment. It worth it! A thousand times!

What do we offer? We offer to You full range of services of creation of photo session of your dream. From organization of professional photo and video shooting, choosing of evening dress, organization of make-up session, stylist’s advice, until delivery of You to the best observation deck, architectural ensembles and natural reliefs of southern Cyprus. We also have white Andalusian horse breed, for those wo dream of unique photo session with horse. But if you want only luxurious dress and nothing else, then we will be happy to bring it to You. In hotel , restaurant, to Your house. Or you can go by yourself when it’s convenient for You, and to watch, touch, try it and take that variant, which will best choice for Your unique beauty. Because You deserve it!

Time of work? We work without lunch, Siesta an afternoon sleep, everyday without weekends from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm only with appointment.
What is the deposit for the dress? Deposit for the dress is written on the page of the dress. Deposit will fully return if You will return dress without visible defects and traces of big pollution. In cost of rent already includes cleaning and small repairs. Small repair is torn button, a rhinestone, a bead and a small puff. Trace of make-up, sweat, champagne already going to price of rent. If the hole appear on dress , you pay cost of repair. If the dress is damaged so that is impossible to repair to its original appearance, the Deposit will not return.
What is going to cost?

✔ Rent of dress for that numbers of days, that You need. You can continue rent for that price. Just bring your dress when You want and pay difference. If You rent dress for 1 day, then You have to bring on the next day in that time. Late for half an our is allowed.

✔  Wet cleaning before and after rental

✔  Small repair

All dresses that are on the web-site are available? Yes, all dresses are available in studio and prices are actual. But dresses are sometimes going to rent, so if you are interested in availability of specific models on day of Your fitting, you can specify the article, we will tell you.
What cost of fitting? Fitting is free. But if You order a dress with delivery, You have to pay for delivery even if the dress didn’t fit you.
Can I take photos and videos during the fitting? You allowed to do this with your phone. On professional equipment you are not allowed.
Do you have shoes for fitting? Unfortunately not.
How to book a dress? If dress if fits – a contract is signed and You make a prepayment of 50% of the rental price. For example, if dress cost 50 euro , you prepay 25 euro. Other part You pay when you take dress. Prepayment is not returned, if You refuse the dress.
Do you have delivery?

Yes, delivery for Larnaca cost 20 euro. To Nicosia, Limassol, Agia-Napa 40 euro, Pafos 100 euro. Delivery is 1 trip. So if you want the dress to be not onlu brought to event, but also picked up after it, then the delivery cost is multiplied by 2. 

Waiting for a photo session up to 3 hours is free. If you want to organize a photo session on the day of delivery of the dress with the return of the dress on the same day in 3 hours, then you pay for the delivery only once.